Our first line of business and core expertise is developing web-based software (web applications) although you may use a different term: database application, SaaS, web solution, web site, web portal, intranet, CMS, CRM, back-office software, etc.

We typically serve 10 to 20 clients a year, running one or several projects for each. Most of our business comes from repeat orders from existing clients, and most of our clients work with us for five years or more.

We are best suited to projects requiring a small, focused development team – an environment where we are uniquely placed to deliver productivity, responsiveness and performance that other providers simply can’t match.

Over time, we began to notice that after obtaining an up and running software, some clients struggle with shaping product’s visual identity, creating an engaging website, and, most importantly, with finding a customer for their product. Third-party agencies usually lack intrinsic product knowledge and often fail to deliver real value. Who can market the software better than the team, which followed the process of its creation since the very idea? That’s why we added design and digital marketing to our software development business core. Established communication with the team, deep understanding of the product, and real market experiences launching our own products leads to a client success.

We are a flexible, customer-friendly firm that wants to add measurable value to your business. And we respond to differing needs with a financial flexibility that makes us particularly attractive to smaller businesses and start ups.